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On the Internet we can find a large number of programs that deal with creating polls and graphs and so make life easier and simpler. Some of them are very easy to use, while others are a little more complicated.

For start, one of the application that is frequently used  is  Chartle, which offers high-quality production of graphs and surveys, also it offers simplicity, ubiquity and interactivity.

Chart Tool is also a very useful application that you can use in a short time to create a large number of charts and graphs, and this you can do in a very simple way. You can choose the appearance of the chart-whether pie, bar, line, area, radar, bubble, line or bar chart. In addition to the chart type, you can choose the color chart, and various kinds of additional effects. Saves the chart image in PNG, JPG, PDF and CSV format, no ads in the chart.

BarChart application is also very popular and it is used to compare different types of data, a simple bar chart has one series of data, but you can add a second set. Any other information can be displayed in a different color, for ease of reference and clarity.

CSS Chart Generator is an application especially designed for those who work daily on making graphs and surveys, and data displays in a clear understandable way. It offers a variety of features and effects that will make your graph more interesting .

Create a graph is an interesting application for you and your children, so they can learn to make various kinds of graphs in a very easy way. In addition to making the graph, it can print, save and send e-mail graph.

But one of the most frequent application that is represented Hohl is Online Chart Builders, which is one of the most popular applications, and is able to create a 3D chart.

Yed Graph Editor is an important application which in a very short period of time creates high-quality diagrams, from which one, you can easily analyze data. It should be pointed out and DIYChart that is the most useful application for making graphs. It is a simple but essential tool for online use, and can be used for static or dynamic data.  Offers a variety of chart templates. With just one click, you can generate a professionally designed chart. While adjusting the parameters of the chart, you can see the effect immediately in the field. Also, it offers a of chart types, such as the Coulmn, Stacked Column, Bar, Stacked Bar, Area, Stacked Area, Pie, Doughnut, Pyramid.


For example, using this chart you can see what percentage of people use a clarifying shampoo. You already know what is definition of that kind of shampoo. So, use of chart is very simple: you only need a web browser. With just a few clicks is very easy to come to the requested data.

After the procedure, we get the information , as many as 68% of people use a clarifying shampoo, 12% use it often, and 8% did not use it. Thanks to the clarifying shampoo, hair of these people who belong to the 68% is truly amazing. Very fresh, deep clean and it smells nice! I am sure that some of this people who never use clarifying shampoo, definetly will begin to clean their hair with this great product!


We believe that most of us do not really know how much they spent and how much per month remains available, so it would certainly be good to study the numbers and see what  we can really afford. There are many applications that are used to track costs and they  help to become a financial advisor for your own household. Here you can see the top 5  most useful applications for controlling your budget.

HandWallet-ActionsCost Manager – HandWallet

Cost Manager is a professional and powerful tool easy to use. The award winning application for managing costs. With it you simple manage your account balance, control costs, plan your budget, track expenses and income, and avoid going into debt. Owns more than 100 built-in categories and sub-categories (food, health, transport, etc.), multiple accounts, multiple currencies (automatic conversion currency). Manage your costs in local currency regardless of the country location. Each transaction is associated with the corresponding category (which is sort of the cost?), location (where the cost realized?), persons (who made the cost?) and the projects (with which activities is the cost associated?). With this application you can plan your budget for each category, person or project individually. Calculate the correct payments on your credit card, the interest on the mortgage and loans.

Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance is your personal financial advisor who is always with you. With him you live more relaxed because your finances are secure. Intuitive, personal, designed to great attention to detail. An application that knows where your money is going, keeps accounts and spending under control .”Toshl is easy to use and organizes expenses in a simple way. If you use several smart phones across multiple platforms, you will more love Toshl. “, said  The Next Web.

unnamedExpense Manager

Expense Manager is a great application for controlling the budget. Keep track of your expenses and income weekly, monthly or annually by categories. Supports multiple accounts in multiple currencies. Make yourself your daily, weekly, monthly or annual budget. Expense Manager is your calculator, currency converter, calculator and tax calculator for credit cards.Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker is the easiest application to control the budget.Download it for free, enter your expenses and income and you will have completecontrol of costs. Optimal use of the larger screen size makes it even better management.Track your expenses weekly, monthly or annually. Create separate personal,commercial and savings accounts to monitor.

Managing Costs

Cool application for keeping track of daily, weekly, monthly or annual expenses, that supports all international currencies supported by all major world languages. Although the financial situation of different people are individual, all budgets are based on the same idea: pay regular duties, save money for emergency situations and have some money for the cost. You’ll be surprised how much and at what moment you spend money. Those expenses that you make a small voluntary expenses during the year can be a great item to your costs. Therefore, we invite you to use the application to control the budget that we prepared for you. We hope that this application will help you to manage your finances in a way that will elicit a smile from month to month.

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